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Giller Battle Crew 2010 - 7th anniversary,7 years of togetherness

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//CHAMPION & 2nd RUNNER UP - Be Element Hip Hop Jams 2004
//5th PLACE - Battle Of The Year South East Asia Thailand 2004
//CHAMPION & 1st RUNNER UP - Bling2 bboy battle Zouk 2004
//1st RUNNER UP - Battle Of The Year South East Asia 2005
//CHAMPION - Freedom 3 on 3 Merdeka battle 2005
//CHAMPION - LG BBoy Battle 2005@ Sg.Wang
//2nd RUNNER UP - LG Mobile BBoy Battle 2005
//1st RUNNER UP - National hip hop challenge 2006
//CHAMPION - DIGI 3 ON 3 Battle 2006
//CHAMPION & 1st RUNNER UP - 3 on 3 bboy breakdance competition
//1st RUNNER UP - Soul Rhythm challenge of the year 2007@Johor Bharu
//CHAMPION & 1st RUNNER UP - Floor Combat 2007@Cineleisure,Damansara
//3RD RUNNER UP - Floor Skill Asia 2007@Singapore
//CHAMPION & BEST SHOW - Battle Of The Year Malaysia 2007@1 Utama,Damansara
//CHAMPION - Digi Streetblast 2007@Titiwangsa,klumpur
//2nd RUNNER UP - step It Up Singapore 2007
//CHAMPION - Born To The Floor@ Mahkota Parade,Melaka
//3rd RUNNER UP - Radikal Force 10th Anniversary 2007@Singapore
//2nd RUNNER UP - Rakan Muda 3 on 3 Battle 2008
//2nd RUNNER UP - Floor Combat 2008
//CHAMPION - BBoy Battle Rakan Muda Ribena @Bukit Bintang 2008
//CHAMPION - BBoy 3 on 3 Battle @Modesto's,Sri Hartamas 2008
//CHAMPION - 3 on 3 Breakdance Challenge by Maxis Plaza 2008
//CHAMPION & 1st RUNNER UP - 3 on 3 Break Supremos @Melaka 2008
//2nd RUNNER UP - Challenge Of The Year 2008(COTY) @Danga City Mall,JB 2008
//1st RUNNER UP - LG Korea Sparkling 5 on 5 @Sunway Piramid
//CHAMPION - Battle Of The Year Malaysia 2009
//BEST SHOWCASE - Battle Of The Year Malaysia 2009
//BEST BBOY - Battle of The Year Malaysia 2009 (KHENOBU)
//Champion - Everlast 2010 Bboy battle 2010
//1st Runner-Up represent Malaysia - Muar Bboy Battle 2010
//Champion - Impression Cup Malaysia 2010
//Champion - R16 Malaysia 2010
//Bboy Of The Year - Floor Combat 2010 (KHENOBU)
//Champion - Floor Combat 2010
//1st Runner Up - 8tv Showdown 2010
//Champion & 1st Runner Up - Ultimate Bboy Battle 2010 @Melacca
//Champion - F&N 3on3 Bboy Battle 2010 @BB,KL
//Champion - Breakin Session 2010 @Ilearn Studio, Butterworth Penang
//Best Bboy - 1on1 Breakin Session @Bull Cafe, Butterworth Penang (JUICY)
//Champion - Battle Of The Year Malaysia 2010
//Champion - Battle Of Borneo Redbull 3 2010



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Friday, July 9, 2010

Love Letter to GBC Family

we've got something we'll like to share wit u all.. whether ure a part of GBC Family or not..

It seems like the time past real fast eventho its actually damn long, many obstacles we have been tru through out the time in SHOWDOWN 2010..
from a BBOY to a dancer.. its not easy..

to be honest, GBC has struggled alot.. especially when the songs given doesnt seems right to us and we have to do other dances..but still, we brainstorm , ask for other ppl's advices, learn new things, and "get out of the box".. so that we can compete with the others.. and we believe we had proved ourselves.. we not only can Bboy..we can dance as well!

we've met so many ppl from the first, till today, and its you who made us who we are today..
This is the first time we join a tv reality show.. n frankly its a real brand new experience to us.. Especially when we got a big family out of a sudden!

And for that, we're sincerely thank you.. for being with us, yell for us, fight for us, vote for us, clap for us, and much more tru out the time in Showdown.. till the future, we hope all GBC Family members will remember that u're a part of the family, dont forget this family, and stick together always.. dont let the bond break and keep growing from time to time..

.. a big happy family..

GBC loves u..


  1. u delivered it every single of it... the move,the style, the battle.. for me u never failed... keep on (entertained us)..

  2. with ur skills... look at urself now, from hundred fans to thousand, from A lil' family to a BIG family, from bboy to dancer... just be yourself.. don't ever forget where u come from, may god bless ur guys..

  3. i'm here respect, vote,love,admire,support and praying for u guys in future n always..

  4. me too aggreed! touching..
    hoping you guys will get your tremendous success in future and be somebody someday that you yourself can be proud of.

    All the best guys!

  5. You guys the best! You wil always have my support even if you lost, but anyway I dont think GBC will lose tomorrow.

    GBC always the best! since beginning~

    Gud luck GBC! :)

  6. GBC <3 thkx 4 ur love letter ~ so nice of u..
    GBF alwys support GBC ~ ever after :D DOPPEEE !