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//1st RUNNER UP - National hip hop challenge 2006
//CHAMPION - DIGI 3 ON 3 Battle 2006
//CHAMPION & 1st RUNNER UP - 3 on 3 bboy breakdance competition
//1st RUNNER UP - Soul Rhythm challenge of the year 2007@Johor Bharu
//CHAMPION & 1st RUNNER UP - Floor Combat 2007@Cineleisure,Damansara
//3RD RUNNER UP - Floor Skill Asia 2007@Singapore
//CHAMPION & BEST SHOW - Battle Of The Year Malaysia 2007@1 Utama,Damansara
//CHAMPION - Digi Streetblast 2007@Titiwangsa,klumpur
//2nd RUNNER UP - step It Up Singapore 2007
//CHAMPION - Born To The Floor@ Mahkota Parade,Melaka
//3rd RUNNER UP - Radikal Force 10th Anniversary 2007@Singapore
//2nd RUNNER UP - Rakan Muda 3 on 3 Battle 2008
//2nd RUNNER UP - Floor Combat 2008
//CHAMPION - BBoy Battle Rakan Muda Ribena @Bukit Bintang 2008
//CHAMPION - BBoy 3 on 3 Battle @Modesto's,Sri Hartamas 2008
//CHAMPION - 3 on 3 Breakdance Challenge by Maxis Plaza 2008
//CHAMPION & 1st RUNNER UP - 3 on 3 Break Supremos @Melaka 2008
//2nd RUNNER UP - Challenge Of The Year 2008(COTY) @Danga City Mall,JB 2008
//1st RUNNER UP - LG Korea Sparkling 5 on 5 @Sunway Piramid
//CHAMPION - Battle Of The Year Malaysia 2009
//BEST SHOWCASE - Battle Of The Year Malaysia 2009
//BEST BBOY - Battle of The Year Malaysia 2009 (KHENOBU)
//Champion - Everlast 2010 Bboy battle 2010
//1st Runner-Up represent Malaysia - Muar Bboy Battle 2010
//Champion - Impression Cup Malaysia 2010
//Champion - R16 Malaysia 2010
//Bboy Of The Year - Floor Combat 2010 (KHENOBU)
//Champion - Floor Combat 2010
//1st Runner Up - 8tv Showdown 2010
//Champion & 1st Runner Up - Ultimate Bboy Battle 2010 @Melacca
//Champion - F&N 3on3 Bboy Battle 2010 @BB,KL
//Champion - Breakin Session 2010 @Ilearn Studio, Butterworth Penang
//Best Bboy - 1on1 Breakin Session @Bull Cafe, Butterworth Penang (JUICY)
//Champion - Battle Of The Year Malaysia 2010
//Champion - Battle Of Borneo Redbull 3 2010



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Thursday, June 17, 2010


picture by : Tazzy Ohiezuka from FACEBOOK


Once again we've got ourselves into bottom 4 again this week .
but well, we're safe back again into Top 6..
Its ok guys, if u can vote, please vote!
Hope next week will be better..

No matter how, we'll keep doing our best ,to not disappoint u all ,FANS AND SUPPORTERS!
And sorry for those who got disappointed this week from the show.. nth to be explained but to do better next week.. =)

Nth much to write here as this week doesnt seems to be GBC's..
however, we're still happy and glad that u all still keep supporting us..
vote for us to keep us alive in the GAME yaww!

Gazillion thanks to all of u GBC FANATICS & GBC BATTLEHOLICS for everything!


Peace.. ;)


  1. great, u guys keep coming back!!!!

  2. Hi guys,

    Please BELIEVE this: U are the MOST DESERVING CREW to win Showdown 2010.
    Why do I believe that? Because u have:
    a) Top-notch skills
    b) Confidence & Owning-the-stage-attitude
    c) Style & swagger
    d) Solid choreography (except for capoeira set)
    e) Team chemistry
    f) Battled professionally
    So, PLEASE ACT like the most deserving crew.

    Malangnya, the last 2 weeks, eventhough I’m watching from the tube @ home, I sensed u didn’t put the right attitude during battle with FMC & u weren’t prepared for the Capoeira set. Ini telah menyusahkan saya kerana saya tidak dapat mengutarakan solid points utk meng"defend" anda ketika berhadapan my friends who were criticising ur attitude. Coz what they said were true.

    Hakikatnya, we all have our good weeks and bad weeks. Cth good week = Argentina won. Cth bad week = France lost to Mexico. So, regardless whatever challenges thrown @ u in the Show - contohnya, u hate the theme/ u feel down coz u r in bottom 4 - always, always put forward the right attitude. Hustle, hit and never quit!

    When u don’t put the right attitude, it’s just not fair to the fans. Honestly, I really don’t mind u losing. Because that’s just part of the game. But, when u lost the way France did to Mexico, that’s just plain disrespectful to the fans. France has world-class players but wrong approach to the match. Be like Slovenia, not France.

    Always make a point utk kalah dgn cara terhormat. Adakah anda betul2 baca all those support written by ur fans on FB? They adore u, admire u, love u, voted sampai tiada credit 4 u. U even have a 7-year old kid who dances everytime he sees u performing. Remember these fans when u just happen to have a shitty day.

    Now, let’s strategise 4 the upcoming weeks. U know ur strengths. Let’s list the things u need to improve on:
    a) Synchronisation – ini memerlukan focus & latihan tubi. M.J. week was good because u were very synchronized. What not to do? See again ur capoeira set during live show.
    b) Lack of "explosive" moments in choreography – Golden rule: don't repeat the same explosive moments every week. Bila explosive moment diulangtayang, ia tidak lagi memberi kesan mendalam. 2nd rule: Creativity adalah penting utk menghasilkan explosive moment. 3rd rule: Explosive moments amat perlu in a reality show. The more explosive -> the easier for rakyat biasa to remember what GBC did -> peningkatan votes.
    c) Reality -> chances r big tht u'll fall into bottom 4 again b4 Grand Final week. It's because no. of crews competing r getting smaller. Put as much energy into ur battle as u do in practicing ur sets. If the fans can't save u, make sure the judges don't have any reason to vote u out.

    Lastly, Teruskan Berjaya!!!

    Hats off to the MOST DESERVING CREW to win Showdown 2010
    -Adelea.S, still a Giller BattleHolic-

  3. Good observation Adelea!!!
    So GBC, do take it positively as obviously we do love GBC to the bone.. u guys undoubtedly had placed the street dance to another level.. so much drama.. so much love.. never fail to amaze us.. so watcha waiting for? keeps the adrenaline pumping huh!

  4. yeah yeah, kalahkan wakaka crew bro

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